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Large Files ASAP: How to Send Large Files, Transfer and Save Them

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What Can You Do With Large Files ASAP ?

If you’re in the world of blogging, internet marketing, developing information products, or just collect valuable information, you can definitely benefit from our list of way you can do everything you need to with.

What is a File?

A file is an entity in a computer system which stores data, preserves statistics and facts and figures which are used with a computer program. This information, stocked up in the computer system could be anything, from an accomplished program to a new one being developed by a user.


The most commonly used types of files consist of a name and an extension. In the beginning, the original name of a file was not more than eight figures, but with the passage of time and technological progression, longer names of files are also used. The name normally indicates the function of the file and is established by the consumer / user or its correlated program.


File Extension:

A file extension is basically the conclusion of a file name which points towards the type of the specific type of file. These extensions can also be even one character short. Often, long file extensions are utilized to identify the particular file more clearly.


There are various types of files and so, various types of file extensions also. Some of them are listed below:

  • JPG
  • GIF
  • HTML
  • ZIP


These are some of the most common and basic file extensions.



  1. 1.     Share Files ASAP Through Peer-To-Peer Method:

This method is also known more ordinarily as P2P. Through this technique, users usually share large files asap using a unique software. People have also interacted for movie sharing via this facility.



  1. 2.     Formulating a Web-based Email Account:

Basic emails have the major problem that the protocols are not furnished with handling very large files competently. The problem arises when you send a large file but the recipient is not able to receive the large file. For sending large files asap, you can also avail the services of big and well known search engines like “Yahoo” and “Google”, which let the users send large files asap.


  1. 3.     Using Cloud:

Using the benefits and services of Cloud enables the users to send large files asap and without any hassle. You just have to upload your file / image to the Cloud’s server and using the software provided by them (normally a drag and drop), large file is almost immediately available to anyone you choose to give access to. Now, it is also accessible on mobiles. The capacity of storage stretches from gigabytes to terabytes.


  1. 4.     File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

File Transfer Protocol could also be used to transfer large files asap. However, setting up of FTP sometimes involves changing / editing your Firewall o basic network. Nevertheless, this works satisfactorily for transferring large files asap also.


How to Save Large Files:

In the beginning, it was a troublesome experience of saving large files, but these days, with the ever growing technology, the problem has been successfully sorted out. There are numerous services now, free and paid, which makes these large files easy to host and save.


Below is a list of some services which offer to save files online.


  1. 1.     Fileden:

This service offers users to upload and save many of their files even without a registration! Users can save files of up to 100MB. The service also offers limitless bandwith, project making options and the facility to replace their files.


  1. 2.     My Free File Hosting:

This service comprises of the option to send an email to someone to make them aware of an upload. The file size  permitted on this service is 100MB.


  1. 3.     Easy Share:

File register and upload sooner with accounts which permit download for files many times. This service pays the users for their uploads. For example, if the user’s upload gets downloaded by other people, the user gets 20 dollars for it. Users can also upload their items using FTP server.





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  • Excellent Information , But Now a Days People Started using Dropbox fro Transfering Files or to Handle there data from One place using Cloud.

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